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New release: Philosophy of History 1830

. ISBN: 9783899668056 hardback edition in two volumes, revised by Yoshihiro Niji;

Facsimile and Transcription of notes from Hegel's last lectures
by Jan Ackersdijck, winter term 1830/31, Berlin

Yoshihiro Niji, born in 1943, is professor emeritus at Hannan University in Osaka. He is one of Japan's internationally recognized Hegel scholars and, as translator and editor of Hegel's lectures on the philosophy of law, has rendered great service to Hegel studies, not only in Japan.

In this volume, Yoshihiro Niji transcribes the transcripts of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel's last lectures on the Philosophy of History from winter term 1830/31 in Berlin. Dutch student Jan Ackersdijck had written them down and then edited professionally.

Regarding the system part of the Philosophy of History, the original texts by Hegel are rare and the various transcripts from the different Berlin semesters are therefore an indispensable source to better understand this important aspect of Hegel's philosophy.

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