Dear friends and promoters of the West German University Press

Non-commercial association following the common public interest order from December 5th 2013, inscribed in the association register Bochum with the number VR 4500, tax number finance office Bochum-Süd 350/5702/7605, president: Professor Dr. Martin Woesler, c/o West German University Press, Querenburger Höhe 281, 44801 Bochum.

From the articles of association(excerpt):
"The association's purpose is the
3.1 Promotion of science, teaching, research and exchange
3.2 Ideal promotion of the West German University Press, so that it can fulfill and accomplish the following tasks:
3.2.1 Visualization and dissemination of the research results of the Bochum colleges and universities (press work, events, talks, lectures, aegis of projects etc.).
3.2.2 Creation of a forum for the promotion of the reputation of the Bochum science scene
3.2.2 Securing and augmenting the content quality of publications (e.g. via acquisition of reviewers/commission members)
3.2.3 Independence of the publishing house from influence by third persons
3.2.4 High-quality and cheap typographic realization of publication for authors
"(5) The association's purpose is realized especially via the following procedures:
5.1 The association promises awards for extraordinary academic works
5.2 The association directly grants printing subsidies to authors who are alumni of colleges and universities in Bochum"

The association depends on donations and issues tax-deductible donation receipts.

The association welcomes new members. You can receive membership forms from the president.

The association continues to promote the university publishing house after its renaming into "West German University Press" without change.