Quarantine in China 2022

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A step-by-step Guide
Woesler, Martin
ISBN-13 978-3-86515-487-3
Publication Date January 21, 2022
14.90 EUR / US$ 16.90
120 pages
Series Sinica, vol. 73
Quarantine in China is an extreme experience. If you travel to China, you spend 14-21 days in a hotel room. The fact that you do not leave the room is monitored by cameras in the hallway, which is always lit. How you 'survive' this quarantine and what you have to consider in advance, the sinologist Martin Woesler has recorded in checklists, descriptions and photos.
The book is the captivating experience report of a China trip, which the author undertook at the beginning of 2022. It shows the final consequence of the competition between two social systems: Conviction or external control, personal responsibility or disenfranchisement, freedom or coercion. Even before the quarantine in China, there are stumbling blocks: If you don't work around the app's programming errors and call several times, you won't get a green code for departure. The author was also faced with a red code in August 2021 and had to stay at home. Then you did make it, flew and arrived: at the quarantine hotel. Four of the fellow travelers tested positive for Corona in the author's case in China.
Four cans of tablets await you in the hotel room, but only with Chinese instructions. And there are pages and pages of quarantine instructions - also only in Chinese, of course. In this book you will find the translations.
If you have forgotten something or cannot tolerate the Chinese food on wheels, there is no help for you: the airport offers no shopping facilities. You will live out of a suitcase for 2-3 weeks. Without VPN and a Chinese SIM card you are cut off from the usual communication: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Google do not work, and you could then only be helped by Chinese friends or Chinese employer - if you somehow reach them. Quarantine in China is effective: it's a core component of a hermetically sealed country whose government has a no-COVID policy.
Here, we describe the cost of an autocratic system's insistence on keeping the pandemic outside its Great Wall.


China - here I come!
What would you take with you to a desert island?
Immediate travel preparations
Day 2 before departure
Web form 1: The "Health Declaration [QR] Code
The anxious wait for the farbes of the code
Webform 1: Step-by-step instructions for applying for the code
Health Declaration [QR] Code
Scenic impressions on the way to the airport
The check-in
The boarding
On the plane
Arrival at the destination airport in China
Arrival at the quarantine hotel
Daily routine in the quarantine hotel
Weekly schedule in the quarantine hotel
Stay in the Chinese hospital
Hygiene in the quarantine room
Staying healthy in quarantine
Food in the quarantine
Information and communication in quarantine
Corona cases during the flight
Quarantine paddy
China and the Corona pandemic
China and the COVID vaccines
China and the foreign control
Appendix: China Timeline Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)