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edited by Martin Woesler, co-edited by Stefan Messmann, Luigi Moccia
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European Journal of Sinology 1 (2010)

  • Violence in Chinese Literature
  • The "Guanxi" System
  • The Idea of Rulership
  • Right and Law
  • Art in Online Mass Literature

  • (Bochum University Press / European University Press)
    ISBN: 978-3-89966-352-5
    hardcover 106 pp. - 30,0 x 21,2 cm

    European Journal of Sinology 2 (2011)

  • Dialectics in China & Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Greek & Chinese Ethics
  • The Chinese Rites Controversy
  • Early Chinese Translation of Western Literature

  • (European University Press) ISBN: 978-3-86515-353-1 hardcover 114 pp. - 30,4 x 15,5 cm
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    European Journal of Sinology 3 (2012)

  • The Standing Portrait of Emperor Yongzheng
  • Mao and the Blond Girl
  • The ‘Dual Paradox’ of Modernity in China
  • The Sino-US soft power war

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    Contents of 1 (2010)
    Violence, History and Politics in Chinese Novels and Short Stories since 1976, Thilo Diefenbach, pp. 6-25; The Chinese guanxi – System and its Influences on Chinese Corporate Culture and Corporate Governance, Philipp John, pp. 26-36; Philosopher Kings and Sage Kings: The Idea of Rulership and its Philosophical Basis in the Political Theories of Plato and Neo-Confucianism, Wolfgang Ommerborn, pp. 37-51; Notions of cultural identity: a dangerous myth?, Gregor Paul, pp. 52-74; Philosophical Questions of Right and Law: Western and Eastern Perspectives, Konrad Wegmann †, pp. 75-87; ‘Art is Back in Literature’ - How a few Works of Contemporary Chinese Mass Literature Turn against the Opportunist Main Stream, Martin Woesler, pp. 88-97.

    Contents of 2 (2010)
    Negativity and Dialectics from a Logical Point of View: 7th Century Buddhism (Ji Zang) compared with Pyrrho and Nicholas of Cusa, Harald Holz 5-22 Comparing Ancient Greek and Chinese Ethics, Guido Rappe 23-50 Inventory and Classification of the Most Important Documents Concerning the Chinese Rites Controversy, Claudia von Collani 51-87 Choices of subjectivity and randomness - Non-representativeness as a characteristic of the cultural field of early Chinese translation of Western literature, Martin Woesler 88-109

    Contents of 3 (2011)
    Research on the Standing Portrait of Emperor Yongzheng in Formal Court Attire, Donna M. F. Wu Mao and the Blond Girl, Stefan Messmann The ‘Dual Paradox’ of Modernity in China, Luigi Moccia The Sino-US soft power war – Attractiveness as the main component, Martin Woesler


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