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Tsau Hsüä-tjin [Cao Xueqin], Gau Ë [Gao E]

The Dream of the Red Chamber or The Story of the Stone

[The first full German translation of the Hongloumeng / Dream of the Red Chamber]

3 vols. hardcover edition (ISBN 978-3-86515-010-3). See also paperback edition (ISBN 978-3-89966-500-0) and the press release.

Free download: Corrigenda & Addenda of the 2nd edition (paperback)

[in German] Tsau, Hsüä-Tjin / Gau, E: Der Traum der Roten Kammer oder Die Geschichte vom Stein [The Dream of the Red Chamber or the Story of the Stone], Translated from Chinese into German by Schwarz, Rainer / Woesler, Martin, ed. by Martin Woesler, with epilogue by Hartmut Walravens, European University Press, ISBN 978-3-86515-010-3, hardcover, 177.00 Eur[D] / 182.00 Eur[A], 3 vols., ca. 2640 S. - 21 x 15 cm, 1st ed. 2006 [i.e. 2007], 2600 g [vol. 3 appears 2008/2009] Original title: Cao Xueqin, Gao E: Hongloumeng / Shitouji

The goddess Nüwa no longer uses stone number 36501 for the repairs of the roof of heaven. The stone feeds a flower with dew drops. Finally, the stone is reincarnated as the protagonist Djia Bau-yü, who must reciprocate the dew in the form of tears. The novel tells of the growing up of Bau-yü with his cousins in the 'Garden of the Great Views' before the background of the rise and fall of the family of court officials of Djia in the Manchurian Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Bau-yü spends an almost burden free childhood and youth with his cousins.
A triangular relationship develops between the talented androgynous Djia Bau-yü, the rising pragmatic Hsüä Bau-tschai and the wistful-loving, intelligent but sickly child Lin Dai-yü.
Bau-yü experiences the degeneration and the moral decadence of his family, and the political and financial decline that follows. The ideal world of childhood threatens to shatter during the precious crossover into youth.
Looming calamities overshadow the love of the androgynous Djia Bau-yü to his devoted but sickly cousin Lin Dai-yü, who suffers in silence and resigns herself to her fate. Finally Bau-yü marries Bau-tschai, believing he would marry Dai-yü. Dai-yü dies and after the ruination of the family and the closure of the garden, Bau-yü becomes a recluse. The novel carries clearly autobiographical traits.

The book is available directly from the press, domestic phone 0800 7013600 (toll free), internationally +49 234 701360. blaetterwald.net universitäts-buchhandlung gmbh, querenburger hoehe 281, 44801 bochum, fax +49 234 701230, email info@blaetterwald.net.
In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the book is available also in the bookstores. Moreover, the book is available through Amazon.de also. Internationally, you may order here:

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This title is also available through German bookstores, and Amazon.de.